You’re at the crossroad of accepting the BOLD invitation, the calling to come face-to-face and become anew, the deepest successful woman you’re meant to Be, no hype, just raw and real!

There comes a point in every woman’s life where it’s time to bring herself forth in ways that she has never Dared before. This is that time!

I know I’ve experienced it and now I want to give it to you … No more unfed success or malnourished visions with lack of real direction of the how-to’s.

I’ve Undergone A Process Called METAMORPHOSIS

To become the extraordinary woman I was meant to be I’ve undergone a process called METAMORPHOSIS . I was in a bad place it felt like a deep hole of doubt. I was threw and done; is there any more to me will I come out of this I wondered daily after loosing ALL through the Great Real Estate crash of 2008-2009. My family lost nearly $1 Million in household assets and business  accumulations we had worked for nearly 17 years in one year.

Nearly 5 years later into my own personal  process and through my professional work with women throughout the U.S I finally understand #1 THING – The Best of You has yet to be seen even if you think it has.. Its in this complex process called metamorphosis (Caterpillar transforming into the Butterfly) that creates that best woman and “Reveals Your Purpose & Greatness”. Once you find this best woman; everything you touch will triumph.

See It’s An Inside Job And You’ve Been Doing All The Outside Work Expecting To See Your Big Profits In Business And A Beautiful Lifestyle.

Fact is this deep yearning to be more of your best is hard to explain the feeling but you feel it growing within you more each day! Once you satisfy this deep yearning  to see greater and move into action to accomplish it this time you will see every aspect of you expand. Your business profits will soar because you’ve emerged into your POWER leaving Fear & Self Doubt behind you. Your abundant lifestyle you so desire will begin to UNFOLD and you will live out loud like never before; it will all click. I know this first hand… and its such an amazing freedom!

“SO I invite you my Sister to come and have a peep of your true self. So many of us as women  right now even as your read this personal note from me recognize that we are at the Sacred Edge of manifesting and expressing all our full potential & power! We are standing on the edge of our own evolution and beautiful transforming state. If we could just figure out what and how to really touch our GREATNESS and make our next Bold Moves!” This is your space to do just that all at “Ignite Her BE” Women Biz Lifestyle Success Conference International 2015. Take the Journey with me…



             A conference for the Woman who is Hungry,Ready & Willing to Say YES to her Success!

You MISSED 2015 Conference however you can Join us at the ENCORE Event happening Aug 9th 7-9pm EST Register Now click register page ….


      3rd Annual “Ignite Her Be” Success Conference|July 31 August 2 Charlotte NC 


A conference for the Woman that is Hungry, Ready & Willing to say YES to Being BOLD and making Radical Success moves no matter what this year!  What ever stage she finds herself currently in her life, business and career she knows within there is more. If that SPEAKS to You.. Ignite Her BE  has tailored made this conference just for YOU.  You can BE Bold or BOLD again and Learn How to make those RADICAL Moves you must know where to start!  Start HERE….

“Our Conference Program Isn’t About Sitting Around And Listening To Other Women Tell You How They Achieved Success. It’s About YOU Developing Your OWN Story To Emerge Bolder…

“Ignite Her Be” is no any ole conference! We are a RESULTS driven conference experience designed to aid you in moving your vision forward and finding real solutions to the challenges many women just like you face every day and seeking answers for GREATER success.

As a BONUS you will experience in 2 Days an Ignited environment filled with a blend of Inspiration & power packed Education sessions and all while creating Rich  & Powerful new connections with women of like values.

Yes, You get an EXTRA added bonus to have the chance to Relax & Revive while attending the “Ignite Her Be” Women Biz & Lifestyle Success Conference International 2015.So, Get ready for a life changing experience at our 4 Diamond Conference host HOTEL; Breathtaking Ballantyne Hotel Spa Resort in Charlotte NC picked just for you. This is one of those moments in your life you say YES and give yourself permission to “Be A Winner”

What Makes “Ignite Her Be” Women Biz & Lifestyle Success Conference International Unique & Why Should I Attend

What Can You Expect? In 2 Days You Can Expect Nothing Less Than An IGNITED Environment Filled With Powerful Inspiration & Power Packed Solution-Based Education And Exercises Where You Will:

  • Break through your Personal barriers & Position yourself to BE Bold and make Radical Success Moves

  • Identify & Learn how to Capitalize on your #1 Greatest Gift to make more MONEY in your Biz & Career

  • Learn Creative, Real-World strategies from 14 Super Successful women who will show you how to turn your Passion into Massive Profits when others say Passion doesn’t make profits

  • Learn the Secrets that Millionaire successful Women use to Refocus their Conscious Energy on tasks that propel Massive Success. You will Learn these secrets in 2 Days

  • Create an “Ignite Her BE” Fun & Exciting Success Plan to move your Business & Life forward and Ignite your Next BOLD Moves in 2 Days

  • Finally BE BOLD and Make those Radical Success Moves that will Totally & Profoundly Change everything in your Biz, Career and HAVE You Heard about our BONUS Session for ALL Attendees :

For all Conference Attendees who desire to Learn How to BE A Business or Life Coach / Author / Speaker and learn the Secret Industry techniques to earn more from live events and Ignite your Next Bold Move to host your own events $50.00 August 1 Day Session in the Main Ballroom 7:30-9am. To purchase your ticket to this event send a email to ( RE: Bonus Session ) Early Breakfast Served

Dynamic Empowerment! Lori Pelzer knows what it takes to succeed and showed it, in an unforgettable way. My steps were perfectly-ordered today. 

~Verleshia Hughes Ph.D, CHLC  CEO VerVision/Holistic Life Coach  for Adults & Children

Verleshia Hughes Ph.D, CHLC

Holistic Life Coach, VerVision

A great mini conference today with Lori Pelzer. I know Saturdays can be busy, but it was worth every second I was there today and I’m sure the other ladies there would agree. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, Lori will share her Biz strategies of success. It’s up to you where you want to take it from there! . I’m looking forward to living my life every day with my life’s purpose! And that is seeking the TRUTH so that women can make the best decisions that will affect the rest of their lives!

Coulter Roberson Templeton  Owner/ Splitting Assets

Coulter Roberson

Splitting Assets

Ignite Your Next Bold Moves Business Session:

  • BEcome A 6 Figure Business Owner this year without FEAR of Failure

  • BEcome A Online Business Owner with what you have right now and no prior experience

  • BEcome A Bigger Brand Company by learning Marketing Secrets only the best & brightest use

  • BEcome A Game-Changer really creating something BOLD & NEW from your uniqueness and Win BIG

  • BEcome A Speaker on your stage creating raving fans for your business in no time taught in our Special Session

  • BEcome A Leader in your biz or career path  using the irresitable  love-based leadership skills taught by the Best

Ignite Your Next Bold Moves Lifestyle Session:

  • BEcome A Woman with real CASH & Build an Incredible Life on your Own Terms Thriving not just Surviving

  • BEcome A True Finisher in your Business & Life and stop leaving money and regret on the table

  • BEcome A Healthier Woman inside & out by learning the simple steps to Radical SELF Care that opens you to more Success

  • BEeome A Woman Filled with Feminine Power Learning and experiencing the FLOW of New Energy for Greater Success

  • BEcome A Mom that lives her Value in and out the home and Learning how SIMPLE it really can be

  • REClaim YOUR Queen Throne and Learning where you’re from and how to use this information for MASSIVE Success

Are YOU ?Butterfly IHB2015

  • Sick & Tired of listening to negative voices in your head telling YOU you’re not enough or massive success is not for you ? By the way it’s a LIE

  • Experiencing Midlife Changes and really seeking real answers of what’s NEXT for you ?

  • Yearning and Longing for something to happen in your life that’s never happened before GREATER?

  • Dissatisfied with aspects of YOUR personal life, career or entrepreneurial journey and want more and know more is out there but you just need answers on how to GET There?

  • Experiencing Great Change  both Personally & Professionally but can’t articulate it all and need Clarity on what’s happening  inside you or around you  because it feels like chaos?

  • READY to Experience the BEST self version & true expression of YOU  Finally without holding back ?

  • Finally READY to feel FREE and experience some inner peace about who you’re meant to be?

  • Ready to choose changes in your the life that only YOU can make if given a Road-Map of How ?

  • Ready to find your true authentic voice and use it LOUD to change things in your business or life?

  • Really  For Real Ready to Discover Anew and come Face to Face this year 2015 with GREATNESS?

  •  Ready to AGREE it’s time for you to Become a woman with CASH and Live an Incredible Lifestyle you know you Deserve ?

  • A True Blue VIP Ready to take Risk  to go to higher heights and earn your worth; Six Figures even Seven Figures and BE Unapologetic ?




I just wanted to take the time to publicly thank you for sharing your wisdom and having a heart to see women in business grow in every way imaginable. I have already learned so much by simply watching what you do. You helped me to actually take the time to think about my vision for the future.  Author Robyn F. Johnson MD


Robyn F. Johnson


I had a wonderful time at today’s lunch and especially enjoyed Lori Pelzer‘s compelling talk and contagious energy. Takeaway #2 – The feminine edge – Women have it! We are givers of life! Our traits, personalities, and abilities give us the edge. Take advantage of your feminine edge and see it as strength vs. vulnerability. #KoachKacie  Kacie Atkinson Ingram  Career Confidence & Leadership Coach SC

Kacie Atkinson Ingram

Career Confidence & Leadership Coach SC

Lori Pelzer thank you for the thought provoking, toe curling…spirit leaping session of finding your Niche at the Waterwalker Ministries Entrepreneurial Conference here in Huntsville,AL
Yolonda Black AL


Yolonda Black

You have awaken something in me that I put on the shelves..
I am polishing it up and seeing the horizon!!!  Thank you for sharing with me today and many others!! Your presentation was AMAZING!!!  Candice Harrison Hayes   CEO Candys Corporate Cleaning Servive AL 


Candice Harrison Hayes

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Ignite Her Be 2015

Lori, I'm Ready

Meet your IHB 2015 Worldwide Speakers

Special Guest & Keynote Speaker July 31st @7pm Tawana Williams

Special Guest & Keynote Speaker July 31st @7pm Tawana Williams

Tawana  Williams  born w/out arms, Les Brown Platinum Speaker, Author, TV Personality, Artist, Mentor & CEO.

She’s a Messenger of Hope & Inspiration.

The Hope Coach! 

Dr. Maria Church

Dr. Maria Church

International Trainer
Irresistible Leadership Training
Author of Love-Based Leadership. #LoveBasedLeadership

Mia Redrick

Mia Redrick

The Mom Strategist™ – TV Segment Host on America Now, Life Coach for Mothers

Cynthia Pryor Hardy

Cynthia Pryor Hardy

Media|Communications Guru
Host, OnPoint with Cynthia Hardy
Radio Show & OnPoint on WACH Fox

Leslie Nwoke, MPH, MD

Leslie Nwoke, MPH, MD

Diva Doc Psychiatry resident (M.D.) | Co-founder of @RubyInsiders | Miss Nigeria in America’ 05

Shayla Boyd Gill

Shayla Boyd Gill

Breakout Speaker
Money Business Coach| Money freedom for women entrepreneurs
A Birth Diva| Doula

Molesey Crawford

Molesey Crawford

“A woman of great potential searching for her destiny is a Queen searching for her throne.”

Alisa Barnes

Alisa Barnes

20 Year Hairstylist Veteran
Salon Maximus~ Dare to Be Different
Founder HAIRWALK The Movement

Minister Carol Hunter

Minister Carol Hunter

Founder of Carol Hunter University | International Speaker -Faith Based Financial Education for 2 Decades  Renew Rebuild and Restore your financial stability





Dayvee Sutton

Dayvee Sutton

2 Time Emmy Award Winning Sports and Entertainment Journalist & Lifestyle

Dr. Pam Love

Dr. Pam Love

AKA “The Finisher”
Helping people finish what they start| Author “I want my Vagina Back”

Jessical Washington

Jessical Washington

Breakout Speaker
Lifestylenista TM
Luv That Tag Boutique
Jluv International

Charlene Madison

Charlene Madison

Diamond Executive Vice President Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry organization | 20 year SuperStar Entrepreneur & Traci Lynn

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Ignite Her Be 2015

Lori, I'm Ready

Ignite Her BE Official Host Hotel

BREATHTAKING Ballantyne Hotel & Resort Spa in Charlotte, NC


Take a Virtual Tour of our 4 Diamond Conference host hotel. Your experience will be life-changing, so get ready to invest your time, money, emotional and physical energy into you with no apologies or fear to hold you back.

Luxury Experience indeed… Any place our First Lady Michelle Obama would host we are excited beyond words to host! First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a DNC Fundraiser here in 2012 and our late Maya Angelou hosted events here!

2014BallroomClassroom001-1024x679To book your 2 Day Conference stay at the BREATHTAKING Ballantyne Hotel & Resort Spa Charlotte, NC you will receive a private link  to book your room once you Purchase your desired Conference Ticket.



The Ballantyne’s mid-Atlantic location is within miles of downtown Charlotte and the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport with more than 700 daily departures and non-stop service to over 125 destinations.

The Ballantyne is exclusive & set amidst the lovely Ballantyne Community offering dining, entertainment and shopping conveniences within walking distance.

A link will be provided just for our attendees after registration to book your room on our secure Starwood Site

We’ve reserved a limited number of rooms at a special rate for you. When you ACT quickly, you’ll get the Official IHB 2015 Luxury Stay with Complimentary Wi-Fi and a bonus rate of $199.00 per room Deadline to book room is July 15 Please contact if you miss the deadline (roommates allowed & encouraged).

July 31, 2015


2015 Conference Kickoff “Ignite Her Soul” Party & Butterfly Event will be held here on The Ballantyne South Lawn Keynote Speaker Tawana Williams Born without arms author of 5 books including her Best Seller “Unarmed But Dangerous”  [ Learn more about Tawana]


7pm- 9:30pm “Ignite Her Soul” Party & Butterfly Event

(All Attendees are asked to create or buy your butterfly wings that say you and wear them at our Kickoff Night)

12 Noon VIP Ticket holders Early Check in for VIP Meet + Greet & Spa Day

Aug 1, 2015

Registration opens daily @ 8:30 am receive IHB Official conference swag bag

Opening ceremony start @ 9:30 am

Live General Sessions & Breakout Sessions from main stage 10am-6pm

AM & PM Breaks Networking All Ticket Holders

Night Power Dinner Session VIP Ticket Holders 7-9pm

Meet the IHB 2015 Exhibitors

Meet the IHB 2015 Sponsors

Many IHB Surprises

Day 2 Conference Concludes

Aug 2, 2015

Registration opens daily @ 8:30 am

Opening ceremony start @ 9:30 am

Live General Sessions & Breakout Sessions from main stage 10am – 4pm

AM & PM Breaks Networking

Lunch Power Session VIP Ticket Holders

Meet the IHB 2015 Exhibitors

Meet the IHB 2015 Sponsors

Many IHB Surprises

2015 Women Who Ignite Change Award and 2014 Recipients

Final Conference concludes 4pm

“Ignite Her Be” Success Conference 100% Money Back Guarantee

100moneybackRegister for “Ignite Her Be” Women Business & Lifestyle Success Conference International 2015 at no risk. It’s got to be the best event you’ve ever attended to create unprecedented levels of success to become the extraordinary woman you’ve envision and learn how to make your next Bold Moves –or I’ll pay you your money back.

Go ahead, register to attend Ignite Her Be at NO RISK whatsoever.

As an “Ignite Her Be” attendee, if for any reason, by the end of the 1st day, you honestly feel I did not deliver on the information promised, just quietly turn in your materials to my event manager Angel, and ask for a full 100% refund. We’ll happily oblige. (Not applicable for early discount & complimentary tickets)

I have to be the best at delivering you a conference experience worth your time, money investment and desire for success to BECOME the extraordinary woman you’ve envision and helping you make your next Bold Moves or I’ll pay you your money back. I’m 100% confident that Ignite Her Be conference experience will be the most Life Changing, Inspirational, Educational and comprehensive live event you’ve ever attended.

I’m THAT confident that nothing out there comes CLOSE to the level of Inspiration & Education that “Ignite Her Be” delivers from the stage in 2 days.. You are armed with the best strategies & actionable steps that you will leave you in a position for massive success.

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Ignite Her Be 2015

Lori, I'm Ready

Meet our 2015 IHB Worldwide Entertainers

e1 copy

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ENCORE Event Ticket :

IHB Conference is offering you an unbelievable opportunity to have your lifechanging experience ONLINE as an encore. ACT Fast to secure your online seats . Click Link to purchase your ENCORE Event Ticket $20.00 Click pay in full link below


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Meet Your Lead Speaker and Host more closer:

Lori PelzerLori Pelzer is CEO of Be Inspired International,LLC a National Personal Development & Success company designed for women success. Lori is known in the marketplace as The Woman Success Coach & Inspirational Speaker Aka “Igniter”
Lori is an American Success Story. She triumphed from the darkness of being a teen mom with 2 children by the age of 18. Despite growing up poor in the projects, being raised by a single mother and having no father in the home, being the victim of child sexual abuse Lori became the extraordinary woman she was meant to BE.

At age 30 she co-owned a Top Producing real estate brokerage selling over $22 million in Real estate sales and amassed $1 Million over a 7 year period. Lori success was on a high peak when she became the first African American woman in her city to sell her firm to a larger corporate real-estate brand. Lori retired from real-estate sales in 2012 embarking on her passion to see and help women emerge in her power.

Lori now operates BE Inspired International, LLC a National Personal Development Success Company designed for professional working women and entrepreneurs. Lori was named National Business & Lifestyle Success Coach among hundreds of professional women coaches by We Elevation Magazine 2013. She is the CEO and Lead Success Coach with a growing list of clients across the US. Lori has been speaking on stages and platforms for nearly 15 years and is becoming a name to watch as an Inspirational Powerhouse Speaker.

Lori has had speaking engagements across the country,and recently chosen as her City of Columbia SC in the National celebration of Small Business Week as the 2014 Speaker for Women in business session and in demand for keynotes and breakouts in 2015. City of Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin stopped Lori after her presentation to say “he was told how the women attendees enjoyed her presentation; she slam dunked that speech.” He shared his congratulations on a great job.

Lori knows what it means to invest in you becoming that extraordinary woman you’re meant to be and making your next BOLD Moves. She lives it out daily and has invested heavily in her spiritual growth through mentorship by Co-Pastor Marcia Bailey of Right Direction Christian International and top level Business & Personal development training events and coaching PROGRAMS with such market leaders as Multi-Millionaire Mentor Ali Brown, Black Women Millionaire Mentor Dr. Venus Opal Reese, Suzanne Evans Be The Change virtual event, International Speaker Lisa Nichols Speak & Write To Make Millions virtual event, Doreen Rainey Get Radical Conference, Dr. Vikki Johnson Sacred Sisters Leaders Network, Dale Carnegie high level training, Les Brown International Speaker Virtual Training, Hobbs Herder Sales Training and numerous of other high level professional trainings throughout her entrepreneur career of 19 years. Lori is a notable face among her community, professional affiliations in women organizations and volunteerism.

Lori is prepared and trained professionally and ready to help you in Seizing the Woman you were meant to BE & Igniting your Next BOLD MOVES.  Lori  has been Featured :